Friday, December 22, 2006

English language courses

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Take a look at English distance learning starts from a mere fifteen pounds.

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Friday, July 14, 2006


Hi readers,

Welcome to another edition of the
newsletter.I was wondering recently if there would ever
be a need for this one, what with one thing and another,
but I can now finally put my thoughts up on screen.
I had to say goodbye to the website
due to financial constraints, but I have now merged the
lost pages with the old, award-winning, website to form a new, updated,
award-winning website, which
incorporates all the good material and ideas collected
over the last 6 years or so.

Both the new (and
are now hosted by
so if you want some really cheap hosting then I can
recommend this service.
I have been over the new web site carefully for dead links
but if you find one please let me know via email or the
contact form here
Thanks are due to Roy Bryant at
for his watchful eye and for their LinkValet service.

I hope to be starting on the review of Mariah Carey's
'Emancipation of Mimi' shortly.
This, about her latest album, came from the MCArchives
Newsletter at:
"...six-times platinum CD became the best-selling disc of
2005 with more than 9 million units sold. It also earned
her three Grammy Awards and anchored what some say is the
best year ever for this multitalented songbird."
There is also a new 'All Mariah' magazine. 'All Mariah' is
entirely dedicated to Mariah Carey, with many articles and
of course high-quality pictures.
The magazine is a 20-page, full colour, glossy magazine
and its format is 24x17 cm.
All Mariah will be released 4 times a year. You can order
a single copy or you can order a subscription. More info
can be found at:

The main changes to have been made in
the store where I now focus on posters and promote the
popular AllPosters range.

There is now also, a page devoted to selling wear mats from
These are top quality, woven, striped, cotton wear mats
designed to protect floors, halls, walkways etc from heavy
wear and dirt. They are also useful to wipe wet feet when
leaving bathrooms.
Just scrub them clean using hot water and detergent and use
them again and again OR throw them away and use another.
AMAZING VALUE! Just US$1.25 plus postage.

They actualy come in different sizes but the most popular
is approximately 27'' (70cm) X 18'' (45cm).
The stripe colours are many; yellows, reds, blues, whites,
purples, pinks, greens etc.
You can order online.

The updated web site now has a Deliverer Safelist send page
so any visiting member can very quickly send a message to
the safelist.
Deliverer Safelist's preformatted HTML email project
(Celect_A_Sort) is complete apart from final testing BUT
I need some financial interest in this right from the
launch as it requires a server upgrade to get it to work.
So, if anyone is interested in sending preformatted HTML
emails or has a configurable version of Sendmail on a web
server available, please get in touch with me and we can
thrash out a deal or something.

Whilst on the subject, if anyone has time to send a few
decent emails to the safelist please sign-up here
Remember, it is sorted so you need to assign the mail to
categories, but to offset this there is no need to worry
about being deluged with mails as there is a regulator
switch available to enable you to use your regular mailbox.
You don't have to wait for a vacation switch either and the
whole affair is geared up for speed. So, if you send
regularly to safelists perhaps you could send a copy to
Deliverer Safelist too (about 2/3 minutes effort).

Nigel Barksfield

Friday, May 19, 2006

Welcome to the new website

I am just uploading the last of the graphics.

Please feel free to look around and use the guestbook

or comments pages

Of course the big news is the turbocharger for your cellphones

I hope to be getting a supply soon.

Deliverer safelist is up and running too

Peace from Nigel