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Date January, 2007

A happy and peaceful New Year to all my readers.

I have some exciting news for you regarding the developmentof
January 1st saw the launch of a new translation service. The
service offers to translate pages of text; be it a web page, text file, book page or
ebook page etc etc from either Thai to English or from English to Thai.

Remember, Thailand is a developing nation and there is a
vast interest in the Internet to be tapped. You might want to take advantage of this interest
and generate some of your most profitable web pages in Thai to further increase your
business. If so, you need look no further than for all your Thai translation needs.

There is a special deal to mark the launch of the service
and that is a price of just five, yes five, cents per A4 page. Wow!

You can have a whole A4 page of text professionally
translated for just 5 cents.

This offer will not last long so I advise you to surf right
now to translation page

and fill out the form to lock in the price at just 5 cents.
I may be busy, so be ready for some delay, but you won't
have to pay a cent more than five once your email reaches

Now, some news of Mariah...

"The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour",
was Mariah's most successful tour ever. "The Emancipation of Mimi" has sold millions
worldwide and generated many awards.

Mimi includes Mariah's 16th and 17th #1 career singles, "We Belong Together"
and"Don't Forget About Us," respectively, which tied one of the
most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history; Elvis Presley's 17 #1
hits. Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 48
years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to match or surpass
the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits. With 76 total weeks of #1 hits (since
her career began in 1990), Mariah also ranks second only to Presley's all-time high of
79 weeks.

Thanks to

Here is my competition with the chance to win a year's free advertising in my newsletter,
free dating service, 3 free decisions (subject to age and experience), free J u s t i c e service
registration (subject to qualifying status), 2 free ROCKHOUND cards, a free quotation for
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Competition details
The competition is split into two sections with one overall winner drawn at random by myself.
Section one for children under 16; answer the following question:
What is on Mariah's birthday card on my news page?

Section two for over 16-year-olds; answer the following questions:
What are the 16 points of the compass?
What does GPS stand for?
What is the ENE code for your newsletter and for your favourite email?

Please put your answer in an email and send to Competition entry.
My decisions are final and good luck.


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