Sunday, October 14, 2007

MobillCash revolutionary phone payments

From Glyn Smith, CEO

Welcome to MobillCash.

Over five years ago we began programming solutions for mobile
payments, and with the creation of MobillCash we’ve developed
our own unique mobile payment niche without competition world

After more than three years of programming, MobillCash was
recognized by the United Kingdom to meet the highest standards
of security and integrity available anywhere in the world; and
the U.K. recognizes MobillCash as a Financial Transfer Service.
This status places MobillCash on the same level as Visa™ and
MasterCard™ throughout Europe. MobillCash is the first mobile
payment company world wide to reach this status.

It’s great to say, “MobillCash is capable of financial
transactions at the same level as Visa™ and MasterCard™”, but
the real benefit is the transaction fees are substantially
reduced throughout the European market for consumers and merchants.
No other mobile payment gateway, service provider, billing company
or multi-national mobile phone carrier can compete with our ease
of use or pricing model throughout Europe.

I’ll be striving to make MobillCash recognized at this level
throughout the world.

We have filed patents to protect our unique payment solution and
recently received our patent pending designation that gives notice
to all direct competitors as well as copycats from infringing on
our unique way of doing business.

Patents are nice to have, but they can’t build world leading
companies. It takes good people, great market timing, and
fulfilling a demand in the market. With MobillCash we have
all this and more.

We are partnering with many international and successful
executives who have built successful online businesses. These
executives are taking MobillCash under their marketing wings
and assisting our rapid growth around the world. Our timing
couldn’t be better. The mobile payments industry is one of the
fastest growing market niches recognized throughout the world,
and MobillCash solves a serious problem no other mobile payment
solution does.

We offer a solution for over 500 million people with mobile
phones, including those without a bank account or credit cards
to make a secure purchase online when it was never possible before.
Merchants from around the globe can now make a sale to people who
could never conveniently purchase from them before.

In addition to the traditional online merchant selling digital
online goods, services and membership programs, MobillCash now
offers a way for every person in the world with a website to
become his own merchant. No special secure websites, shopping
carts, bank accounts or other security software is required. You
can simply insert a MobillCash payment link on your website and
be accepting mobile payments from over 500 million consumers world
wide today. I believe someday soon, it will be normal for someone
with a™ page, facebook™ page, eBay™ site or other
social network page to be offering payments with MobillCash and
never ask for your ID or personal financial data.

Again, I welcome you to MobillCash. Please sign up today to become
merchant and begin accepting payments from a whole new set of
customers and watch your online revenues expand.

To your Success,

Glyn Smith, CEO

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