Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mariah Carey more #1s than the king

April 2, 2008 - New York, NY

International superstar Mariah Carey reaches a once-in-a-lifetime career achievement as her current single "Touch My Body" goes to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week and becomes her 18th career #1 hit - surpassing one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1s.

Newsletter October 2007 Newsletter

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Date October 2007

Hi to friends,

Well, it's about that time again.

Time to reveal all about what's been happening behind the

scenes at and Deliverer Safelist.

Deliverer Safelist first...

I have just completed a major upgrade which includes gaining

a Safesurf rating banner...

Adjusting the HTML markup has made both sites more

resistant to UCE which has given me more time to develop the


I have added some new links and videonews to the Deliverer

Safelist blog...


Voxant newsroom brings you all the world's videonews at a

click You can now read AND watch science and technology

news at your leisure.

If you want your own videonews viewer just hit the "EMBED"

button and go from there.

Webmasters might be interested in category logging

at Deliverer Safelist. If you download your own you will now

be able to record all the categories selected for each mail.

A webmaster can now also keep track of which clients get

emails using reduced send delivery. This was rather
difficult to

do in the past.

I have also added ImgAds to the Deliverer Safelist home

I think these are underrated and they seem to look OK.

Adsense ads don't have pictures so why not give these a

ImgAds access the Clickbank downloads and sell them with

pictures on your site.

So come on all you children who think they have something

useful to say. You can surf in safety at Deliverer Safelist.

It's f.r.e.e to join and send so why not give it a try and

see what Deliverer can do for you.

Tell us about your favourite star or football team; what do

you like about the Internet? Why do you like your Mum's

cooking? Do you help Dad in the garden?

Send recipes, tips, stories, games etc.

Sign-up here:

Deliverer Safelist - the safelist with the two, yes two, BIG

differences. You get to SORT YOUR MAIL into categories!

You can choose 5% only. WOW!

Send here:

Remember, it's sorted and safe!

War on SPAM! Today's TOP TIP:

Use & # 0 6 4 ; (take out those spaces between the 6

characters) instead of "@" in your html pages' "mailto"

then add a meta tag: (don't forget to put it in carets)

meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;


If in doubt take a look at the source of the newsletter page

see how to do it (click "View" then "Source" in your

Turning to, this site now features...

Translatorsbase translation service is available from the

page. You can have your international text messages

free of charge.

Many languages are supported not just Thai and English.

Translatorsbase can translate your web pages, documents,

certificates etc

We are told that McDonald's restaurants will soon become

the UK's biggest provider of free wireless broadband


WebProNews lots of news from the pros

So, while you munch away on your filet or burger you can now

surf in to using your mobile phone and

the new WAP site... WAP web site - check out the goings

on with your mobile phone.

While I'm on the subject I am very pleased to announce

affiliate connections with what might turn out to be one of

most exciting and successful sites of the decade and it's

You can now buy goods and services on the Internet using

your mobile phone! Yes, finally you don't need a credit

you don't need to reveal your identity, and you don't have

worry about credit checks, interest payments and the like.

called MobillCash and you can be an affiliate or a merchant

and get involved with a fantastic payment revolution... secure sales without a credit card?

Use your mobile phone Interested?

I should also thank Google for their GMail service

I am using it to send to my growing number of contacts.

You can chat to me too!

You can upload a large contacts .csv file and take advantage

of online mail.

And I mustn't forget

MCArchives all about Mariah Carey


P.S. MC has an advert for her perfume running which you

can check out there.

Here is my competition with the chance to win a year's

free advertising in my newsletter, free dating service, 3

free decisions (subject to age and experience), free

J u s t i c e service registration (subject to qualifying

2 free ROCKHOUND cards, a free quotation for web

page insurance and a lifetime Silver membership at Deliverer


Competition details

The competition is split into two sections with one overall

winner drawn at random by myself.

Section one for children under 16; answer the following


What is on Mariah's birthday card on my news page?

Section two for over 16-year-olds; answer the following


What are the 16 points of the compass? What does GPS

stand for?

What is the ENE code for your newsletter and for your

favourite email?

Please put your answer in an email and send to the webmaster

marked 'Competition entry'

My decisions are final and good luck.



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Bye for now and peace from Nigel 'Reuben' Barksfield.

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