Thursday, October 20, 2011

New video English lesson available

My third cartoon video is called 'Lesson One' and features the cartoon characters Nudger Ben, Yang, Kay, Deke and Rose. Nudger Ben is featured in the Ben Arai interactive lesson at He is the uncomplaining teacher in a primary school, surrounded by mischievous students of course, who are enjoying a game of  Hide and Seek in their English lesson.

It is designed for young learners from about 3 years old to about 9 years old. The language is carefully chosen to demonstrate contextual use of common, useful phrases which need to be understood by learners, in a classroom situation. It is available as an MP4 Quicktime video (but other formats might be available on request). The price has yet to be finalized, but hopefully it will be under UK£10.

You can see still pictures taken from videos here:

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